Frequently Asked Questions

How does the free trial work?

Your initial free trial is based on a ProLite 100 account to allow access to the full functions of Hubl Dashboard and the Hubl App and is available for 1 month. Upon completion of the free trial you may continue on this subscription level, scale up or scale down. During your free trial you may create up to 3 logins and produce 3 full inventory reports. Additional reports can be produced at the standard rate for this account. Full support will be available to you throughout your trial period. At the end of your free trial you may continue either on this account level or select the most appropriate one for you. If you do not wish to continue then your account will be closed and you will be billed for any additional use of the system beyond that of your free trial.

Can I upgrade or downgrade during my trial?

Yes. You can choose the best account for you at any time throughout the free trial. If the account level that you have selected requires more than 3 logins or you produce more than 3 reports then pricing according to your selected account level will be applied.

What if I would like to change my account level?

Yes, simply select the account level that you feel best suits your needs and then request an upgrade via email. If at any time you would like to review your account or select another account level you can also discuss this with your appointed account manager whose details will be provided to you when you signed up. You may also contact them via our head office. They will be able to determine the best account level for your specific needs to ensure that you get the best possible service levels at the most affordable rates for your business.

Your account manager will be conducting regular reviews as part of our commitment to you and will inform you should there be a more cost effective account level available to you. This means that you can concentrate on your business safe in the knowledge that we are constantly looking for the best deal for you.

Must I sign a long term contract?

Each account level requires a minimum monthly subscription, for access to Hubl Dashboard, with set costs per survey thereafter. The options available on cost per survey range from pay-as-you-go to monthly invoicing in arrears. As you increase in account level the cost per survey becomes cheaper and you are allocated more user logins. Should you wish to cancel, please refer to our terms and conditions for our full cancellation policy. There is no requirement to sign a contract on pay-as-you-go or pay-in-advance options, however, should you wish to appreciate the maximum discounts available and spread your costs evenly over a minimum period of 12 months then a signed contract will be required. This will cap your costs for a period of 12 months at a level agreed with your account manager based on your current usage. Maximum discount will be applied and even if your usage increases your costs will remain the same throughout that 12 month period. This is a great way to plan financially whilst receiving substantial discounts and allow your business to grow at the same time. Longer fixed contracts are available upon request and attract further discounts and incentives. Please contact your account manager for details.

What payment methods do you accept?

Payment methods are available to suit everyone. From Pay-as-you-go to monthly invoicing and annual subscriptions, we accept credit/debit card, BACS, Direct Debit and online transfers. We are unable to accept cash or cheques and do not take payment over the telephone or via post.

How are the fees charged?

Each account level has a minimum monthly subscription with cost per survey charges in addition. You may choose any account level you wish but guidelines are given based on portfolio size and the number of user logins required. Each account level has unlimited instructing client logins. There are no additional charges so based on the account level that you select and the number of surveys that you conduct, you will always know what is being charged. In addition, your account manager will regularly review your account to ensure that you are on the best account level for your business. If you can be using the service more affordably then we will let you know.
If you feel there is no account level to best suit you we are able to create bespoke packages.

Are there any other fees?

No. Hubl operate a transparent pricing policy and will regularly review client accounts to ensure that they are on the best pricing structure for their business.

Do you support all web browsers?

Hubl is a cross platform cloud system that is designed to operate on all modern web browsers. On mobile devices you can either use the inbuilt browser of the device or download our custom APP/S for the best experience. The Hubl APP is available for both iOS and Android and allows you to produce reports in the field without any internet connection. This function allows you to maximise your productivity and continue to work in areas of poor or no connection. An invaluable function for field operatives.

How safe and secure is my account and data?

Hubl takes your security seriously and uses the latest in SSL Encryption and security protocols to ensure that your information and data are protected at all times.  In addition, our cloud server is backed up and mirrored to ensure that you will have access to your account files at all times.

Do I need specific hardware?

NO. Hubl Dashboard and Hubl Inventory is designed to operate on iOS, Android, PC’s and Mac’s and because Hubl is a cloud based system you most likely have everything you need already to get going. Simply create an account, download the APP to your smart device which might be an iPhone, iPad, or similar android phone or tablet and you will be creating class beating inventories in no time at all whilst managing your team all at the same time and from anywhere with an internet connection. But don’t forget, the APP does not need a connection to create reports. It can operate remotely with no internet connection.

Do I need an Internet connection?

To produce reports using the Hubl App a connection is not required. Simply synch your appointments via the app when you have a connection and then you can operate remotely even if no connection is available. You will be able to edit and view the report from the app with no connection but you will need a connection to post your completed report to Hubl Dashboard and to operate the Dashboard itself.

What if I want to cancel?

For Hubl Solo or any of the Pro packages on a Pay-As-You-Go basis, cancelling your Hubl is easy. Simply email our accounts department giving notice that you wish to cancel and we will take care of the rest.

If you are a monthly invoiced client then again, simply email our accounts department giving one months’ notice that you wish to cancel. You will be notified of an effective cancelation date whereupon your account will be closed and billed to that point. If you are on a long term contract then the conditions of that contract will apply. However, we do understand that business needs can change quickly and your account manager will be ready to discuss with you, at any time, a revision to your contract. For full details of our cancellation policy, please refer to our terms and conditions.

What about my data and information if I cancel?

Hubl will, on your behalf, retain your data securely for the legally required amount of time of 7 years during which time you may access it by request or alternatively reactivate your account.

Can I create additional user logins?

Yes, provided your current account has remaining provision for this. If not then you can still create additional user logins by either moving to the next account level or by contacting your account manager who will find the most affordable way for you to do this. Bespoke account packages can be arranged at any time to perfectly suit your business needs.

What type of report can I produce?

A full range of report types are available for selection allowing you to fully manage your property portfolios. These include;

• Property information reports

• Mid-term inspections

• Ingoing inventory

• Outgoing inventory

• Check in

• Check out

Each report type allows you to record full details including meter reading, photographs, descriptions of each room its contents, fixtures and fittings together with condition ratings. Each new report can be compared to the previous to assist with the identification and recording of any changes to the property. All reports are designed to meet with all Tenancy Deposit Scheme requirements and comply with ARLA, AIIC and APIP codes of practice.

Can I upgrade my account?

If at any time you identify an alternative account level that would suit your business needs, simply select and sign up to the account level of your choice from our website to access the new features. The new account level fees will apply immediately. Alternatively you may wish to discuss your business requirements with your account manager who will be on hand to find the best solution for you. Equally, if we feel you would be better suited to an alternative account level we will let you know. Your account manager is there to ensure that you get the best possible service at the best possible rates for your business and will regularly review matters on your behalf keeping you informed along the way. If required, a bespoke package can be arranged.

What else can Hubl help me with?

As well as being able to produce quality, accurate and professional reports quickly using the Hubl App, Hubl Dashboard represents a powerful asset management system for you to manage your properties, your team and work load with status updates, alerts and scheduling ensuring that you never miss a deadline or task again. Not only this, but your clients are able to communicate their instructions to you at their leisure using their own personal client login which allows them to instruct reports and track there progress. Hubl Dashboard and integrated Apps are designed to prevent rekeying of data saving significant time on the management of your properties and associated workload. This is available 24/7 with support. Please see our features page for a full list of benefits.

Do you offer training?


We offer a full range of industry leading training services.  Training is available on our products, either in the classroom at one of our regularly scheduled events, or at your premises by arrangement.  For those who are seeking new opportunities or wish to branch out by adding to their services, we also offer professional training on Inventory production.  This can be a one day introduction course or a two day qualifying course with assessment and examination demonstrating a capability to perform to the highest of industry standards.  In addition, once you start to use Hubl you will receive a 50% refund of your training in the form report credits to your account.

What support do you offer?

Hubl is accompanied by 24/7 support. From online F.A.Q. pages, help sections, integrated tool tips, how to sections, telephone and email support, we are on hand for you round the clock. Should you require additional features or integration with current systems then our software cell and developers are at the ready to assist. Full training with flexible delivery is also available to you and your staff as we are continually developing existing products and functions whilst introducing new ones.

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