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Performance Analysis and Reporting

Want to check on performance and productivity?


From your Hubl dashboard you can gather and report such analysis with ease:  check instruction levels and status conditions, outstanding reports etc.

Hubl allows you to perform almost every task needed when managing properties.  From every instruction on every property in every portfolio, a complete history is available to you on all activity conducted within your organisation.

The reporting technology used by Hubl is also next gen, with features such as electronic signatures making our system quick, easy, cheap and environmentally responsible (because of the paper it saves).

Property specific report templates are an important part of Hubl’s system. When you create a property profile on the hubl Dashboard you automatically create a detailed template specific to that property for use on all future reports. This saves significant time from rekeying of data and when instructing surveys or visits against each property.

Hubl’s reporting software is also very flexible, allowing for detailed personalisation.  We offer the multiple report types required for full management of your property such as:

Property Information Surveys (inclusive of subscription)

Inventory Reports

Interim Inspections

Check In/Out (inclusive of subscription)

Snagging Lists

Schedule of Condition Reports






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