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Creating a Portfolio

Creating a Portfolio

To add a property to the Hubl Dashboard you must first create a portfolio.  These can be set up flexibly for either a landlord/office/areas/post code etc. by following the steps below.

Left side tool bar

Portfolio Left Side Toolbar

1. Select Portfolios from the toolbar on the left of the main dashboard page shown above highlighted in grey then select ‘Add New Portfolio’ as in the image below

Add New Portfolio

Add New Portfolio hubl

2. Enter the name of the Portfolio for example ‘Town Office Tel 01234 12344321’
3. Select a display colour by clicking on the coloured square shown in red below
4. Add any notes relative to that Portfolio before saving.  Once saved, your Portfolio will now appear under ‘Portfolios’ in the left side toolbar.

Naming the Portfolio

Naming Portfolio hubl

Here you can create the content that will be used within the module.

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