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Adding an Instruction

Adding an Instruction

Once you have created a portfolio and added your property, you can then add an instruction for that property by following the steps below.

Instructions Tab

Instructions Tool Bar

1. Select Instructions from the left side tool bar as shown in the image above then select New Instruction and you will be presented with the screen below

2. From the property drop down box you can select the required property before then selecting the type of survey to be conducted. Click save to create an instruction for scheduling.

New Instruction

New Instruction Screen hubl

You will now be taken to the instruction page where you can view the instruction history, manage status updates and assign the instruction to your work force.

3. Using the drop down menu for ‘status’ select Accepted

4. Select an administrator for the instruction (this can be the same person for the instruction or someone office based) from the list.

5. then select the person you wish to assign the instruction too, enter any notes as required and then click Save

Instruction Page

Update instruction hubl

Once you clicked on save, the Schedule Appointment button will appear bottom right of the screen under Actions. Click to begin scheduling.

Schedule Appointment

Schedule Appointment Button hubl

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