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Adding a Property to a Portfolio

Adding a Property to the Portfolio.

All properties must be added to a portfolio and will have their own individual profile.  You can also add all rooms, upload external files/documents and create exact templates of each property saving time on future instructions by reducing re-keying of data. To add a property and create its profile, please follow the steps below.

Dashboard Toolbar

  1. Portfolio Toolbar

    1. Select Portfolios from the left side tool bar on the main dashboard screen as shown above.

    2. Select the required portfolio.

    3. If the required portfolio is not visible then select List All to display all Portfolios associated with your account. You can now select the required Portfolio.  .

    4. Select +Add New Property icon as displayed below.

    Add New Property

    Add New Property

    5. Populate the fields provided with minimum required fields bordered in red.

    6. To complete the property template you can also add all rooms at this stage (or from the app later). Doing so will ensure that when you create an instruction, all rooms will show in the App Template ready to populate. To add a room, click on the room type listed below Add room as shown in the figure below. Click Save when you have added all rooms. You will now have created a profile for this property and can edit all entries at any time. For instance you may wish to edit the names of each room, alter rental values or landlord contact details etc.

    Adding Rooms

    Adding Rooms via Dashboard hubl

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