Rightmove vs Zoopla: which is best for your property

15 years ago the property market was a very different place. Most interactions had to be done directly through an estate agent. The way you could find out about property opportunities was restricted to newspapers and even word of mouth. Then came the internet. Now we always look online first when we’re enquiring about property (same as most other things).

As a result of this, property portals such as Zoopla and RightMove have become increasingly popular with both those looking for property and those with property. They both make it super simple to buy and sell property, summarising all the properties available in certain locations from various different letting agents. However, although both Zoopla and RightMove are both highly effective and easy to use property portals, which one is the best? This blog will take factors such as price and popularity into account to come up with the answer.

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Is Zoopla cheaper than RightMove?

Zoopla only makes around a quarter of it’s profit via what it charges estate agents to list on it’s site. RightMove makes nearly three times as much of the same thing. Therefore, it is clear which one would be more costly for an estate agent to use as a way of promoting their properties. RightMove charge nearly £400 a month for each branch of a lettings agency and over £700 a month for each branch of a sales agency. Zoopla‘s pricing tends to be more flexible, usually costing just over £300. As a result, Zoopla is the less costly platform to advertise your property listings.

Which is more popular- RightMove or Zoopla?

Both sites are the most popular property portals in the UK. In terms of pure numbers, RightMove has the upperhand. It is beginning to build up a dominance, receiving 128 million visits per month. Zoopla only gets less than half of this traffic, with 58 million monthly visits. However, this is still clearly a massive amount of site visitors. Therefore, although RightMove comes out on top, both have the significant site visitors needed to get your property seen by the right buyer/tenant.

How user friendly are they?

Both have been maximised towards user experience. They have simple layouts, detailed options to refine search and can be quickly navigated. This all adds up to allow users to get to where they need to go as easily as possible. Both also have an effective mobile app which allows users to browse property easier and even whilst on the move. Therefore, it terms of usability, not much separates the two. They are both maximised to make it as easy as possible for property prospectors to navigate the sites and find what they were looking for.

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Overall, both platforms are favorable for different reasons. RightMove is a larger, more popular platform, with over double the monthly views Zoopla enjoys.  This may give it the edge, as it could be considered a more effective place to advertise your property. However, this edge can be taken away by the cost of using RightMove to properly advertise your property portfolio. Compared to Zoopla, it can be a costly investment.

Therefore, which of the two property portals is best for you depends on who you are. If you are a bigger property company, you may be able to afford RightMove’s prices, therefore can take advantage of the platform’s sheer number. However, if you are a smaller entity, you may get more value for money out of Zoopla.

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