How To Get A Gas Safety Certificate

Gas Safety Certificates

If you are considering becoming a Landlord for the first time then it is vital that you learn about Gas Safety Certificates. These legally enforced documents are enforced in order to prove that a landlords property is safe for tenants to occupy. In this blog we will briefly go over what a Gas Safety Certificate is, how you go about getting one and why exactly you need one.

What Is A Gas Safety Certificate?

A Gas Safety Certificate is a document legally required in all UK based rental accommodations with gas appliances. The certificate will show a description of each appliance tested by the engineer, results of any tests ran, details of the property & any work that is required to be carried out.

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Do I Need A Gas Safety Certificate?

If you’re a Landlord who owns a rental accommodation in the UK with gas appliances (Boilers, Gas Cookers etc) then you will need a gas safety certificate.

Who Provides Gas Safety Certificates?

When you get your property inspected to ensure it uses gas safely you are responsible for making sure that your Gas certificate is be provided by a Gas Safe registered engineer. You can make sure an engineer is properly registered here .

Why Do I Need A Gas Safety Certificate?

Gas Safety Certificates are legally enforced and a failure to have one can be viewed as a criminal offence and could lead to thousands of pounds in fines and potential imprisonment. The UK Justice system takes offences of this nature very seriously as negligence in this area could be very dangerous and potentially lead to property damage and even loss of life.

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Do I Need To Be Present During The Gas Safety Inspection?

It is usually not required for anyone to be present throughout the entirety of the inspection. As long as you or your tenant (If you have tenant’s you might want to inform them about the inspection beforehand!)¬† is present to allow the engineer access to the property then you can go grab a coffee while the engineer carries out the inspection. It is however worth noting that leaving someone in your property untended isn’t always considered the best idea & staying put through the inspection is recommended just in case.

How Often Do I Need To Arrange To Get A New Gas Safety Certificate

If you have tenants you must have your Gas Safety check carried out every 10-12 months. There is no grace period so it is important that you schedule your gas check in good time to ensure it takes place before your old certificate expires.


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