Best Places To Rent Out Properties- Glasgow

For better or worse it is unclear, but one thing is for certain, People Make Glasgow. The city has come a long way in the last 50 years. It’s major problems of the past, poverty and violence, have been dramatically decreased, although by no means eridacted. This, along with the recent big cultural and tourism push by the local authorities, have put Glasgow on the map finally for the right reasons. This has made the city a desirable place to not only visit, but work and live.

This has given an extended business opportunity to landlords across the city. This influx of home seekers will make it easier to find tenants to rent your properties out to. Therefore, it would make sense to know which areas of Glasgow would be the most successful place to have a property you were willing to rent out. The most desirable areas are the nice and safe yet affordable type, with plenty to do nearby and good transport links. This blog shall narrow it down to the most desirable area in each part of Glasgow (north, south, east and west).

North- Anniesland

Built around the almost endless Great Western Road , Anniesland has plenty of property features desired in a place to live.  The housing situation in Anniesland tends to be flats on Great Western Road and small estates/ streets just off it. This gives a wide range of property type to invest in. There are a place to be bought for almost any price or purpose. As a result Anniesland can appeal to almost any demographic.

However, because Anniesland is fairly small in comparison to it’s surrounding areas, there is not always a lot going on. The nightlife especially is kind of lacking in Anniesland, the whole area only has a single wetherspoons branch to its name. However, there are a fair amount of shops all compact into the one part of Anniesland. You will be able to do all your shopping between here and the large morrisons behind it. Furthermore, there are great transport links, you can get a bus or train to town or a bus to the famous Byers Road in minutes.

glasgow area of Anniesland

South- Shawlands

This quickly developing area was compared by The Guardian to Manhattan’s Lower East Side. It is celebrated for it cluster of commerce along Kilmarnock Road. This stretch filled the brim with shop after shop including no end of cafes and takeaways. The nightlife is also one of Shawlands claims to fame. A bar or pub can be seen from pretty much anywhere in the area and southsides only nightclub can be found locally in the form of The Shed.

The transport is what makes Shawlands such an attractive place to buy. Three major bus lines and three train stations give anyone instant access into town. The hugely popular Silverburn shopping centre can be accessed even quicker this way. The housing arrangements are mostly rows of well maintained tenements. This means that there are usually always opportunities to buy in Shawlands for an affordable price.

the Glasgow area of Shawlands

East- Dennistoun

What makes this area so great is how straight to the point it is. Dennistoun is a respectable working class area and despite the recent push to gentrify it has stayed true to it. It mixes green spaces such as Alexandria Park with heavy urbanisation  such as Duke Street, which provides the main commercial part of this area. Most of the bars and restaurants are very proud of being laid back, serving simple, affordable food and drink , instead of trying to be fancy or exclusive. The local housing tends to embody this.

When someone is on the property hunt in Dennistoun they know exactly what they are going to find. Affordable tenements line the streets in the area, some nicer than others. When someone first moves to glasgow and their budget is fairly low, this area is likely to appeal to them. Dennistoun can be summed with the phrase ‘value for money’.


If entertainment and excitement is the priority look no further than Partick. It is a constant hive of activity through both the day and night. This is largely down to the massive concentration of pubs, something tenants may or may not enjoy. The only nightclub in the west end can be found in the form of The SanctuaryPartick is also arguably the best place to grab a bite to eat in the west end with no end of takeaways and cafes.

The aspect that makes Partick so desirable however is how literally everything you may need is within walking distance. Museums, large parks, almost every type of shop you can think off can all be reached within minutes. This is why Partick is densely populated, the proximity to literally everything. Furthermore, the housing in Partick is mostly flats from the cheaper end of the market. Therefore, if such a thing was obtained and rented out, there will always be takers.

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