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Log In & Options

Log in & Options

Tap on the Hubl application icon on your device. From here, you are presented with three options. Sign in, Forgot Password or Get a Hubl account. ‘Forgot Password’ will send a link to your registered email address with instructions on how to reset your password.  ‘Get a Hubl Account’ takes you to the main website where you can create your own account by following the instructions.

To sign in with the account you created earlier, first enter your username and then your password.  Once you have logged in, you have a choice of three screens you can switch to at any time.

  • My Hubl – Allows you to view current (today), prior (up to past 6 days) and upcoming appointments (up to next 6 days).
  • This Instruction – Brings you back to the Inventory you are currently working on.
  • Advanced – Provides options for synching, data transfer and signing out.

In order to add instructions to the ‘My Hubl’ screen, you must synch any instructions created previously on the dashboard. Tap ‘Advanced’ and then ‘Sync’. When you return to ‘My Hubl’, any instructions which have been assigned to your account from the dashboard will now be available to you in either current, prior or upcoming.

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