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Beginning an Inventory

Beginning an Inventory

Select the instruction you wish to open. This presents the main instruction page. To exit this screen select ‘Advanced’ or to select another inventory ‘My hubl’ which will return you to Current, Prior and Upcoming instructions page. The main instruction page will show all the property information as entered from the dashboard i.e. number and type of rooms, contact info and appointment details etc. Each room will be visible in the order that it was entered in the dashboard property portfolio.

Under each room you can enter generic descriptions and notes together with general photos. Under ‘Room Contents’ you can then begin to add the elements of the room with their descriptions as follows. Always follow the description generator from left to right, top to bottom for every room:

  • New Item – Adds a STRUCTURE (door, wall, floor, ceiling or window) FIXTURE & FITTING or CONTENT to the room.
  • Edit – If you wish to expand on the predetermined descriptions provided, you have full editing capability on ‘Items’ and ‘descriptions’ including their defects and defect location by selecting the pencil icon.
  • Delete Item – by tapping the red trash bin icon you can delete the entire item including any associated descriptions, condition and photographs.
  • Delete Description – by tapping the red X you can delete that line of a description.
  • Condition – Select item condition ratings from the drop down menu.
  • Take Picture – Allows you to take a picture(s) of the current item.

We will examine each of these options in further detail.

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