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Adding Defects

Adding Defects

Once you have created an object, you will want to add any defects. In the DEFECTS menu you will see the following menus

• FINISH – relates to defects on the cosmetic finish of the item i.e. chips, cracks, stains.

• BODY – relates to defects of the item itself i.e. dents, gouges, leaks.

• DOOR SPECIFIC – relates to defects which are specific to objects on the door i.e. a door could have a broken lock or a loose handle.

The defect menus are a longer to allow for full and accurate defect descriptions together with their location. However, they do follow the same format as follows.

DEFECT > TYPE OF DEFECT MENUS > TYPE OF DEFECT > EXTENT > LOCATION (with another object specific location menu at the bottom.

For example remaining with our door;


This method lets you very specifically describe a defect and its location on an object.

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