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Property management anywhere

Each portfolio holds full and detailed profiles for each property. For each property, within each portfolio, a status history of appointments, notes and administrators compiles as you work. You can securely upload and store external documents in each property profile. Very useful for lease, maintenance and other management responsibilities.

Schedule appointments and manage the workflow of your team effortlessly and in real time benefiting from alerts and status updates. Maximise your teams productivity whilst never missing a deadline again. Using our streamlined diary system you can effortlessly create appointments from the Dashboard, allocate a Task Administrator and then ‘drag and drop’ the appointment into your surveyors calendar.

Hubl Dashboard


Through your HUBL dashboard you can administer your account: assigning roles and tasks; creating user and client log-ins; setting access rights and account parameters for each team member.


With HUBL dashboard you can create and assign instructions. Instruct inventories, interims inspections, check-ins, check-outs and property reports.


Schedule appointments, monitor progress through to delivery and organise your team’s workflow. Simply ‘drag and drop’ the appointment into your surveyor’s calendar. Sync these appointments and instructions out to your team in the field through their HUBL mobile apps.


Add, organise and monitor your properties through custom portfolios.


Edit, amend, analyse and publish inventory, interim, check in/out and property reports.

Hubl Mobile

Simply download the app and log-in - HUBL mobile will load all your instructions and appointments. On-site HUBL mobile will speed you through inventories, interim inspections and reports quickly and accurately on the spot.

Many Apps in the market profess to be the best and the quickest but all use the same data capture models based on the same techniques, scrolling and drop down menus.Here at HUBL we have ripped up the design book and developed a truly unique data capture methodology that is more accurate and quicker than anything that you can imagine.

Managing Director

I am very privileged to be at the helm of Hubl Limited , a provider of SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS, TRAINING and ACCREDITATION to INVENTORY PROFESSIONALS, LETTING AGENTS, LOCAL AUTHORITIES, HOUSING ASSOCIATIONS and LANDLORDS. Hubl Inventory is the brainchild of industry professionals and their desire to introduce groundbreaking methods of inventory provision leading to the establishment of industry benchmarks.

After extensive research and development it is clear that the objective is in sight in the form of this fantastic product. A cloud based system operating on iOS and Android platforms, hubl has been developed as a scalable solution to streamline the provision and management of inventory reporting. It also supports multiple office scenarios and can be a useful tool in performance management encouraging enhanced efficiency and communication. An extensive program of feature development is continuously in motion providing an ever increasingly powerful solution to any user of Hubl. In addition, with the flexible pricing plans, it is the absolute must have property inspection and inventory tool. Save time, money and trouble by using Hubl.

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